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Hesco of Virginia Custom Hydraulic Tanks

At Hesco of Virginia, we are proud of our 30 year tradition of providing high quality fluid power products. We operate a 47,000 square foot facility with in-house machining and sheet metal fabrication, allowing us to provide superior products such as our custom hydraulic tanks. This capability allows us to produce tanks of various types, including JIC, Non-JIC, L shape, T shape, open top, and vertical “PUK” reservoirs. Using materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, and scale-free, pickled & oiled steel sheet and plate, we create above-ground tanks with our state of the art laser cutting and slag-free MIG welding. A wide variety of tank ports are also available, including breathers, clean-out, sight glass, level indication, drain, fill, & relief valve ports. We offer finishing that includes gray primer coating for all reservoirs, with leak testing and dimensional inspection performed on all our tanks. We manufacture in volumes that range from prototypes to medium volume runs, with rush and emergency services available when required. And all of our work is in full ISO compliance, guaranteeing that our quality tanks meet stringent industrial standards.

To find out more about our custom hydraulic tanks, please see the following table or contact us directly.

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Product Name
Custom Hydraulic Tanks
Tank Types
"L" Shape
"T" Shape
Open Top
Vertical "PUK" Reservoirs
Manufacturing Process
Laser Cutting
Slag-Free Welding Process – MIG
Scale-Free, Pickled and Oiled Steel Sheet and Plate
Mild Steel
Stainless Steel
All Reservoirs Coated with Gray Primer
Tank Ports
Drain Ports
Fill Port
Level Indication
Relief Valve Port
Sight Glass
Above Ground
Call us for information
Call us for information
Call us for information
Tank Size/Gallons
Call us for information
Inspection/ Testing/Quality
Leak Testing
Dimensional Inspection
Additional Services
Custom Motor Adapters
Stock Tanks and Adapters
Production Volume
Specialty Production Shop
Low Volume
Medium Volume
Typical Lead Time
Depends on Tank Complexity
Rush and Emergency Services Available
Additional Information
Industry Standards
ISO Compliance
File Formats

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